Village Action Plan

Parish Council

Cold Norton Parish Council’s ACTION PLAN

resulting from Cold Norton’s Village Appraisal 2000 plus

Cold Norton’s Golden Jubilee Photograph Day 2002


1.       Housing and Planning

Discourage large-scale development; encourage variety in size, building materials and style; encourage the establishment of some low-cost units for young/single people.


2.       Police and Crime

Promote and encourage the re-kindling of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (seek active support from the Essex Police for this); continue to push for more visible and effective policing in the Dengie Hundred in general and Cold Norton in particular; develop a more positive defence against vandalism and encourage the school to help ‘spread the message’


3.       Highways and Road Safety –

Continue to push for a ‘Quiet Lane’ network and traffic calming in conjunction with this; continue to lobby Highways to increase the width of the main footpath between the centre of the village and Country Produce.


4.       Local Environment and Facilities –

Monitor the flooding problems; Lobby the District Council on the recycling issue.


5.       Countryside –

Draw up a policy on the preservation of our rural landscape; Continue to insist that the footpaths and bridleways are kept open and clear of obstructions; Continue to plant suitable trees and wildflowers to enhance the existing landscape; Resist ‘urbanisation’; Remove unnecessary ‘street furniture’


6.       Transport –

Support and promote the alternate means of transport – buses through the village and trains from Fambridge Station – for the benefit of those residents who have currently no access to a motor vehicle, and for those residents who, in the future, may lose their access to a motor vehicle.


7.       Facilities –

Support and encourage the Village Hall Management Committee to maintain and improve the facilities at the hall; Support & encourage any group that wishes to use the Playing Field facilities; Setting up a Playing Field Management Committee to be investigated. Investigate the possibility of building a ‘pavilion’ on the field; Investigate other possible venues for evening classes and clubs e.g. The Church & the School.


8.       Shops and Services –

Continue to support the local shop – keeping the highways issues in mind; publicise and promote the Mobile Library Service – ‘use it or lose it’


9.       Church –

The Parish Council will support and encourage all attempts to keep the fabric of the church in good order – for future generations, and will encourage the use of the church as a meeting place for clubs and evening classes.


10.   Allotments –

Monitor the situation.


11.   Publicity –

Develop and maintain a good website for Cold Norton. Seek the provision of broadband connections for Cold Norton.

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