Planning Policy

Parish Council


Formal Statement of the Parish Councilís PLANNING POLICY as at October 1996 (Minute No. 196 of 17th October 1996),

And as amended by Minute No. 254 of 8th November 2000

  1. The following matters of Planning Policy are not necessarily listed in any order or priority or importance.

  2. To seek to identify areas within the parish boundary which should be subject to special environmental status.

  3. To seek to limit the growth of the village envelope contained in future development plans.

  4. To seek to contain the village envelope within a roughly circular or square area, avoiding linear development.

For individual developments within the envelope:

  • To permit as much variety and freedom of development style as possible within the constraints set by

    • Proximity to other property,

    • Potential nuisance,

    • Highways considerations, and

    • Size in relation to plot size;

  • To discourage back-development and plot splitting;

  • To promote a generally rural aspect.

  1. To contain commercial and industrial use within the present limits, but to support any proposals for a modest extent of craft or similar enterprises.

  2. To seek to retain retail outlets of value to the village.

  3. To oppose developments outside the building envelope, only permitting replacements similar in size to those existing, or minor extensions to existing properties and alterations which do not significantly expand the scale or mass of the existing dwelling.

  4. To consider all development proposals, particularly those for large-scale development, in the wider context of the potential benefits, drawbacks and impact on the village as a whole.

  5. To support the downgrading of the status of the main road.

  6. To seek to get weight and size restrictions on traffic.

  7. To accept that downgrading will mean less resources being spent on road maintenance, etc.

  8. To oppose any general extension of street lighting.

  9. To support the continuing provision of school, village hall, and playing field.

  10. To support the efforts to maintain Church fabric.

  11. To provide allotments where there is sufficient sustained demand.

  12. To encourage the provision of public, or permitted, open spaces.

  13. To oppose any further major extensions at the Three Rivers Golf and Country Club, and to oppose any other major development of a similar kind.

  14. To support the use of land for neighbour-friendly leisure use.

  15. To maintain and extend the footpath and bridle-way network.

  16. To respond by recommendations and comments, as appropriate, to every planning application and appeal.

  17. To work with the District Council Planning department and Committees so as to ensure that the Parish Councilís viewpoint is fully understood.

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