District and County Council

Parish Council


District Councillors for Cold Norton

Mr. John P F Archer, Ambridge House, 29 Green Trees Avenue, Cold Norton, Chelmsford, Essex. E-mail: Cllr.John.Archer@maldon.gov.uk

Miss Sue White, The Lodge, Nipsells Farm, Nipsells Chase, Mayland, Essex CM3 6EJ. E-

E-mail:  cllr.sue.white@maldon.gov.uk

The District Councilís web site is www.maldon.gov.uk

The District Councilís address is

Maldon District Council

Princes Road


Essex   CM9 5DL

Tel: 01621 854477


County Councillor for Cold Norton

Mrs Penny Channer, The Tree House, Summerhill, Althorne, Essex. CM3 6BY

E-mail:  cllr.penny.channer@essex.gov.uk

The County Councilís web site is www.essex.gov.uk

The County Councilís address is

Essex County Council

County Hall


Essex   CM1 1QH

Tel: 012454 492211

For reporting on highways and footpath matters, contact the County Council at the above address