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Parish Council Meetings are held every month (but usually excepting August). We aim at the first Wednesday each month – but Members’ work commitments occasionally make a change to this schedule necessary, so it’s best to check on Parish Council notice boards or in the “Beacon” * and/or press village column reports. The monthly meetings are held at 8 p.m. in the Committee Room of the Village Hall, Cherry Blossom Lane, Cold Norton, and members of the public are warmly welcomed to hear the proceedings and to speak during the time set aside for that purpose.

Note that the “Beacon” magazine is our parish church magazine, and is invaluable for keeping residents abreast of what’s going on in Cold Norton – if you wish to receive a regular copy, click here

A brief summary of the role of the Parish Council follows.

  • Raising and/or providing funding for capital expenditure to benefit the village – ranging from very significant to very minor – e.g. from waste bins and public seats to play equipment and a Village Hall extension. Clearly the more significant matters need work to raise money from other grant funding sources and for subsequent project management.

  • Provision of Cold Norton’s amenity street lighting (including energy supply and repairs).

  • A large variety of maintenance works around the parish (our Village Caretaker carries out admirable work here). For example, grass cutting on the playing field and in several other areas, maintenance and repair to our play equipment, cutting back of trees and vegetation on the playing field, maintenance work at Cold Norton’s Nature Conservation area in St Stephens Road, checking safety of our play equipment, litter picking, etc.

  • Planning – the Parish Council responds to the District Council’s consultations on all planning applications within the parish, and has formulated a detailed Planning Policy for guidance on these responses. Planning Policy

  • The Parish Council also responds to many other consultations from other statutory bodies, e.g. on highways matters, transport, health, education.

  • The Parish Council provides two representatives to form part of the Village Hall Management Committee and to attend its meetings.

  • The Parish Council works very closely with Essex County Council Transportation & Operational Services on all road safety matters affecting Cold Norton.

  • The Parish Council works to ensure that all of our rights of way are kept open and they are easy to use, well marked, and with safe bridges and stiles where appropriate.

  • The Parish Council works closely with the police and in particular our Community Police Officer to help to prevent crime and vandalism in Cold Norton.

  • The Parish Council strives to work closely in line with the aspirations of all of its residents, and welcomes any comments and feedback.

  • Two important consultations with Cold Norton’s residents resulted in an Action Plan which is periodically reviewed Action Plan – these consultations are Cold Norton’s Village Appraisal 2000 and Cold Norton’s Golden Jubilee Photograph Day 2002.